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The process for Walt’s famous Beef Jerky begins with a visit to Walt’s favorite local butcher where he personally and meticulously selects the finest premium USDA certified bottom round steak – perfectly marbled for extra flavor yet lean enough to create a healthy and nutritious low-fat product.

Walt then hand-cuts the meat into thin slices and delicately places the fresh cuts into hermetically sealed containers, copiously drenched with Walt’s secret marinade. There the beef sits, refrigerated and hand tumbled repeatedly for at least four days to ensure the flavorful juices penetrate fully and come through in every bite.

The marinated beef slices are then put on racks and placed in Walt’s custom-made cookers where it is slowly smoked and dried with smoldering scent of cherry and apple wood tinder for a minimum of twelve hours. The result is a product of unparalleled quality and taste - tender and moist with a tangy mildly-smoked flavor, balanced to perfection.

Our product flavors such as Cajun, Parmesan Garlic, and Maple Butter, to name a few, are further seasoned with Walt's custom-made dry rubs and spices which uniquely complement the cured beef.

With the first bite, you will immediately taste the difference between Walt's homemade gourmet-style jerky and the mass-produced nationally distributed products found in supermarkets. No artificial colorings or flavorings here - just all-natural meat products and seasonings that will satisfy your cravings and give an unforgettable, mouthwatering experience. Buy Walt’s Beef Jerky online or stop by Walt's New Jersey location and experience beef jerky like never before.