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Walt’s Beef Jerky was created in 2007 by Walter LaBar, a native of New Jersey and master butcher with over 40 years of experience. Walt first started making his all-natural beef jerky at home for family and friends using a special marinade created with his own blend of sauces, herbs and spices.

It wasn’t long afterwards that everyone who tasted his products began asking for more. People simply couldn’t get enough of his unique and savory style of jerky. It was then that Walt decided to go into business creating Walt’s Beef Jerky and Meat Products, so that the world could enjoy his culinary creations that have been proven to satisfy even the most discriminating carnivores.

The process begins with careful selection the finest USDA certified choice beef which is then thinly-sliced, copiously marinated and slowly smoked and dried to perfection.

Over the years, Walt has experimented with various cuts, marinades and the most important part of making beef jerky - the smoking process – and has designed and built his own custom-made and patented smokers to ensure that every slice of his jerky has that rich, natural wood-smoked flavor that is unmistakably Walt’s.

Walt then began further exploring with new tastes and flavors by developing his own unique and creative marinades, sauces, seasoning and rubs. This has led to the development of over 30 flavors of beef jerky and beef sticks, all of which are meticulously crafted with Walt’s unique handmade artisanal process. Walt’s Jerky has even been acclaimed by many, as “the best beef jerky they ever tasted.”

At Walt’s we ensure that all our products are fresh, tasty and a made with the finest beef and natural ingredients available. Order online or come visit us at our store in Nutley, New Jersey. You will be glad you did!

See you soon and enjoy!
Ci vediamo presto e Buon Appetito!